Training Effectively With A Class (When You're Pregnant)

At BIRTHFIT, we believe in training for birth, not just modifying what we are already doing or trying to hold onto every semblance of “pre-pregnancy” training to prove a point to yourself or others. We always come back to the “why” and the idea that just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. Our training should reflect our intentions, and sometimes this takes some creativity as well as specific knowledge regarding effective prenatal training. That’s where BIRTHFIT comes in!

Move Without Judgment

I took a Bikram yoga class the other day. It wasn’t the first time I had taken this type of class (it was the second). Let’s just say I am still a rank beginner in all things yoga. The yoga instructor said something that really struck a chord with me. He said, “Work with the body you have right now. The body you have today is different than the body you had yesterday, and it is different than the body you will have tomorrow.”

Not a Mom Yet

I’ve always been an athlete, and I have always known that I wanted to be a mom. BIRTHFIT first caught my eye years ago because it seemed to be the perfect blend of these ideals; the woman that I am (the athlete) meets the woman that I wanted to be (the mom). I saw BIRTHFIT and thought, “I can’t wait to do this! When I get pregnant this is what I’m doing!” I’m not a mom yet, and as my heart eagerly and patiently awaits that season of life, I have discovered this profound truth: you don’t have to wait to be BIRTHFIT.  

I am 1 in 5: Being in Limbo

Apparently, 15 to 20 percent of women who know that they are pregnant will experience a subsequent miscarriage (some sources put this number as high as 25 percent). This does not account for the half of fertilized eggs that are lost before implantation, or the number of women who thought they just had a late period without knowing she had been pregnant (called a chemical pregnancy).